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Marginally Employed patch

Marginally Employed patch

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New for 2024: Just Eight Bucks!

The other week I was at a cookout and someone asked what I was doing now, and I opened my mouth and out came "Well I'm marginally employed" and I wanted to go run and hide.

And then I realized: yes, that's me. I'm marginally employed. I'm not grinding at a 9-5, instead I'm putting bits and pieces together and making it all work. Maybe that's not a bad thing! Maybe it's a great thing!

So I made a patch to celebrate my marginal employment and maybe you would like to celebrate yours as well.

Patch is maroon thread on white twill, 4" wide by 2" tall.

Set in Cooper Black, the typeface that never goes out of style. 

US shipping is free, mailed with a first class stamp.

Or, if you're in the US and would like like a trackable shipping method, it's $5 flat rate, no matter how many patches.

International folks, the only way to mail these to you in a way that is at all financially OK is to charge you a $6 flat rate and mail you an envelope with two international first class stamps and hope it gets there. Anything else is literally like $20 to mail you a patch and I'm not going to do that to you or me. 


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